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Southwest Valley Garage Doors sell the most dependable, quietest, maintenance free and include a factory lifetime warranty on all of our chain drive openers. All openers feature 3-buttom remotes and wall control panel that features operation button, light switch and lock out button. Note: excludes the Genie Chain lift 1024 opener.
•Wireless keypad will work on all Genie openers.
•New screw Door openers will fit 7, 8, 10, 12 and 14 foot high openers.
•All Genie DC motors (are energy efficient)
•All Genie openers have Soft Touch at stop and start (this eliminates and jerking and shaking or garage door- that secret keeps door very quiet.
Security: All of our openers have Rolling Code Technology to Lock-Down when the door is closed.
Safety: Adjustable down force that retracts on contact with auto-reversing sensors


Genie IntelliG 1000 Belt Drive
3/4 HP DC motor, quiet, smooth operation.
Dual frequency eliminate frequency interference, only opener that has a lifetime warranty on motor and gear box assemble.
Available belt drive and chain.
Wall control. 







Genie IntelliG 1200 Belt Drive
Full 1 HP DC motor
Very quiet operation, smooth with soft start and stop dual frequency for interference problems.
Gears and motor have a lifetime warranty.
Motion detector provides lighting in dark garage.
Wall control.







Genie TriloG 1200
New Screw Opener  Maintenance free!
No more greasy mess, powerful 3/4 HP direct drive for maximum power with lifetime on motor and screw.
The screw, rail is 3-times bigger then old screw for straight and light motion detection.
Wall control.









Genie TriloG 1500

New Screw Opener  Need more power?
Almost full 1 HP DC motor, direct drive for maximum power with lifetime on motor and screw.
Offers the same features of the 1200 opener.
Wall control.










Genie Chain Lift 1024
Our Economy Opener: Dual pinion gear for longer reliable life.
Soft Touch at stop and start.
Eliminates jerking and shaking of garage door.
5yr motor warranty 1 yr parts warranty.
Wall Button.









Genie Belt Drive 2024
1/2 HP Belt Drive Opener: Powerful DC motor, Dual pinion gears and soft touch.
For quiet and reliable long reliable life.
10 yr motor warranty 1 yr parts warranty.
Wall Control.